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DESCRIPTION: Organic polyesters
                             Appearance: Light yellowish liquid
                             pH: 6.5
                             Solution: Soluble in water

APPLICATION: When brushed to the hair, WEIJIA® Ice Tea B can open the cuticle of the
                              hair to produce uniform shade on hair and wool when dyeing. WEIJIA®Ice
                             Tea B can also shorten the bleaching time to avoid damage on hair.

USAGE: WEIJIA®Ice Tea B can be used alone or mix with up to one fold of water. Brush
                the solution onto the hair. Stand for 6~8 hour or overnight, hair to hair, then go
                through the normal bleaching procedure (re-tanning, mordanting, bleaching,
                deferrizing reducing and whitening)

PACKING: 25kg, 50kg, 100kg, plastic drum

STORAGE: Shelf life: One year at 5~35


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