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DESCRIPTION: Anionic leather dyestuff.

APPLICATION: Suitable for dyeing leather or leather side of double face.

CHARACTERISTICS: Good permeability, affinity, leveling property and compatibility.Excellent fastness. Broad-spectrum of natural colors. High uptake. KUILI Leather Leveling Agent NH is recommended in combination with KUILI Leather Dyes. Economic and easy to use. Environment-friendly. Free of the 23 carcinogenic aromatic amines.

USAGE: Refer to the embodiments of dyeing techniques on different kinds of furs.

PRODUCTS: Totally 23 products of KUILI Leather Dyes:                                                             Red L-TB    Yellow L-2R    Yellow L-NG    Blue L-NB    Orange L-RE    Green L-BY    Purple L-5V
Wine Red L-D    Black L-NT    Blue L-BT    Blue L-HL    Red L-TR   
Yellowish Brown L-DY
Greenish Brown L-GR    Dark Brown L-HB    Dark Brown L-DH    Dark Brown L-DN    Grey L-TG
Black L-GG    Reddish Brown L-RD    Reddish Brown L-AR    Yellowish Brown L-RL            Yellowish Brown L-BB

PACKING: 25kg, paper board drum

STORAGE: Shelf life: Two years at 5~35, in a dry atmosphere.

Note: The appearance of the products may be influenced by the season of manufacturing,
but the quality remains the same.

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